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PAS: A Milestone in Health Insurance Claims Adjudication

A product which, though simple to administer, addresses the most complex Plans and Benefits. Plan set-up is through a simple parameter driven methodology and the application employs the most contemporary design techniques. The user interface for the various Providers is intuitive, resulting in a short learning curve.

Brian Pavlik, Sr. Director, Business Relations, Mckesson

The service has been a major factor in improving the efficiency of our claims process. I confidently recommend Advanced Integrated System as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Errol D. Mckenzie - Executive Vice President, Life of Jamaica

What Providers are saying?

l think this system should have been in place from the beginning because l have lost so much money on bounced claims!

David Tavares - Hilton Pharmacy

The PAS system takes out the hassle of sending claims to an insurance company.

Mark Demetrius - Dillon Drug Store