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Our Vision

The AIS team of ICT “efficiency brokers” is guided by a philosophy that is familiar to most, but adopted by too few; “Some see things as they are and say why, “we” dream dreams that never were and ask “why not”. AIS views the world as a global village, where location no longer gives particular advantage to the creation, integration or execution of ICT solutions.

Therefore, armed with a team of multi-national, multi-racial, ICT experts and professionals, with attitudes second to none, we aim to become leaders in Transaction Processing in the Healthcare, Financial, Hospitality and Document Management market segments; firstly within the Caribbean within five years, and thereafter in this wider “village”.

Our vision is to develop a worldwide network of partners to execute our “solutions” aimed at making Online, Real-time processing of Healthcare Transactions, and other selected Payment Systems – including NFC, Mass Transit, etc., significantly more efficient and cost effective.

Our “best-of-breed” solutions also involve international partners that are leaders in the various components or aspects of that which we integrate, not only as innovators, but as experts in the industries which we target. Our tag line “we put the pieces together” is earned therefore, as we bring to the market products that are injected with intuition and practicality that can only come from a marriage of leading edge technology and target industry knowledge of practical “on the ground” processes. It is in this that we base the optimism inherent in the vision we articulate.