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PAS: A Milestone in Health Insurance Claims Adjudication

AIS' reputation is well established in Jamaica and the success of other projects that you have undertaken, with the UWI in particular, continues to reflect positively on our relationship. As such, we look forward to another successful endeavour with AIS.

Archibald McDonald - Professor Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal

Past association had built the confidence in Doug and his team and their ability to deliver, and so, unhesitatingly he was called upon to establish the provider platform and adjudication system.

John A. Junor - Commercial Lawyer & Managing Partner

We could cancel the contract, which would result in AIS being paid a compensatory sum having successfully won the contract in open competitive tender, or we could try to fix it, which was not an approved or planned activity in the Project, and one that we had no budget to support. This was the moment that Doug Halsall and AIS surprised all of us - by deciding to adjust the software at their cost until it could be implemented successfully. The exercise eventually took years, and was successful. The software solution went on to become the backbone of financial management in the Government for over a decade.

Joseph Manley

A product which, though simple to administer, addresses the most complex Plans and Benefits. Plan set-up is through a simple parameter driven methodology and the application employs the most contemporary design techniques. The user interface for the various Providers is intuitive, resulting in a short learning curve.

Brian Pavlik, Sr. Director, Business Relations, Mckesson

The service has been a major factor in improving the efficiency of our claims process. I confidently recommend Advanced Integrated System as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.

Errol D. Mckenzie - Executive Vice President, Life of Jamaica

What Providers are saying?

l think this system should have been in place from the beginning because l have lost so much money on bounced claims!

David Tavares - Hilton Pharmacy

The PAS system takes out the hassle of sending claims to an insurance company.

Mark Demetrius - Dillon Drug Store