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PAS Provider FAQ

The Provider Service Contract is an agreement between AIS and you (the Provider) which sets forth the nature of AIS' responsibility to support PAS at your location. You are not required to sign the contract, but failure to do so limits the extent to which AIS will support PAS after the initial installation and testing have been successful. Click here for information on the Provider Service Contract.

YES ! ChequeScribe 32 has been designed to work with virtually all accounting systems, including customized accounting solutions. It simply picks up the data from your accounting system and modifies it for MICR laser check printing.

Each license fee includes the following:

  • PAS Software (with the right to use the software for 5 years; you may renew your license for $1.00US each year thereafter)
  • Magnetic Card Reader (swipe device)
  • Receipt Printer (with 1 ribbon and 1 roll of receipt paper)
  • Access to the PAS Help Desk (24 hours/day if you sign the Provider Service Contract; 8AM-5PM if you don't sign the Provider Service Contract)

YES ! The ChequeScribe 32 installation wizard guides you through the installation process in less than 15 minutes. Entering your specific settings (such as Printer Setup) may take up to 15 minutes.

  • PROCESSOR Pentium II or equivalent
  • CD-ROM    32X
  • RAM    64 MB
  • VIDEO CARD    Capable of viewing at 800 x 600
  • MONITOR    SVGA Colour Monitor
  • OPERATING SYSTEM    Windows 98 or Windows ME
  • HARD DISK    6 GB Available Disk Space
  • USB PORT    For receipt printer attachment; serial printers available upon request.

YES ! Most desktop laser printers can be used. All you need is a compatible magnetic ink toner cartridge (MICR), and the MICR fonts, which is supplied with ChequeScribe II. For higher security, a Ganson MICR laser printer is recommended.

Updates to both lists can be downloaded from this site Alternatively, you can call AIS (876-929-7395) and request that updates be e-mailed to you or mailed to you on a disk. The frequency of the updates will vary. Providers will be notified via fax, e-mail and/or phone calls when new updates are available.

YES ! The check serial number is assigned by the accounting system. If you need to reprint a check as a result of a paper jam, the same serial number is printed so there are no reconciliation conflicts.

ave the vendor (or manufacturer) of your software contact AIS (876-929-7395). After establishing the validity of the integration request, we will provide the vendor (or manufacturer) with the information needed to proceed with the integration. AIS reserves the right to refuse any integration request on any grounds!

YES ! You can purchase a variety of MICR supplies from Ganson including, blank security check paper and original MICR toner cartridges for most laser printers.

YES ! Today, checks are processed electronically by magnetic readers and sorters. These high speed machines process checks by reading the magnetic bank numbering (MICR line) located on the bottom of each check.

ChequeScribe II meets all American Banking Association (ABA), Canadian Banking Association (CBA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. There are over 1,200 ChequeScribe systems in use to date.

YES ! Signatures are created using an encrypted process that allows only authorized ChequeScribe 32 users to print them. For added security, specially programmed magnetic signature cards may be used to transmit authorization for signature printing through a card reader attached to the PC.

YES ! It only takes a minute for authorized staff to add new companies and accounts. Simply enter new information, including bank account numbers, into the ChequeScribe 32 data entry screen.