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The MICROS 3700 is a true 32-bit application designed to run under Microsoft® Windows® 2003 or XP Professional. The software easily integrates with OPOS-compliant peripheral hardware, including printers, cash drawers, and pole displays.


  • Runs on Microsoft® , Windows® 2008 or Windows® 7 Professional
  • Smart keys for clearly laid out displays
  • Integrated system control for cancellations
  • Comprehensive reporting (more than 150 default reports)
  • Hand-held support with full POS functionality
  • Control of digital menu boards
  • Cash and table management
  • Scheduled price management
  • Connects to liquid drink dispenser
  • Controls digital menu boards

Optional Functions

  • Controls kitchen display system (KDS) to maximize food and order preparation
  • Alerts employees of events in the store
  • System grows as your operation grows