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Customer Loyalty Solutions

AIS Loyalty

Our rewards programme is a cloud-based, loyalty aggregation platform. Its features and functionality manage all aspects of our loyalty programme, including programme setup, member management, transaction processing, customer support and back office operations.


Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Points
We use engagement points to support traditional customer channels and new digital channels such as SMS, mobile apps and social media.

Redemption Centre
Our flexible redemption mechanism let you redeem loyalty rewards in your channel of choice – in-store, online or via mobile apps. Our eCommerce-based Rewards Catalog also gives members various options to redeem their points.

Back Office Functions
We offer a complete set of back office functions to streamline system operations such as settlement and billing, accounting, fees management, transaction and reconciliation reporting.

Our mobile couponing platform delivers targeted, contextually relevant and personalised offers and information to our members.

For mobile proximity marketing we integrated our loyalty programme with an efficient Beacon platform. Relevant offers and targeted promotions can be pushed to customers in the store or in close proximity. This enhances customer in-store experience and drives customer engagement.

GIS Capability
We use GIS  (geographic information system) to enable location aware offers, and offer a wide range of other location-based services for members.