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AIS Seeks to Improve Healthcare Access & Efficiency for Pharmacies Through Technology

AIS booth showcasing its health technology products

September 30, 2022

Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS), is seeking to bring further efficiency to the Pharmaceutical industry through the use of technology. Known for being the leading provider of health technology solutions in Jamaica, the company is providing solutions to pharmacists and doctors at reduced costs to facilitate easier and more affordable sign on.

The Pharmacy Information Management System (PIMS) is built to manage every aspect of a pharmacy business including dispensing and inventory management. The Medical Practice Management System (PAS-MD) manages a medical practice electronically, allowing doctors to be able to work from any location and having an electronic medical record (EMR) for patients. The system also includes telemedicine for online consultations.

Speaking at the recent Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica’s (PSJ) Conference recently, Director of Health Applications, Shekar Sanumpudi pointed out that the systems together can bring much efficiency to both a medical practice and a pharmacy.

“We are currently running a promotion that would essentially give two free licenses for our Medical Practice Management System, if persons purchased our Pharmacy Information Management System alongside it. They would essentially only pay for PIMS while getting the benefits of PAS-MD,” he pointed out.

Both software can also be purchased separately. AIS were the Premiere Sponsors of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica’s (PSJ) Conference that took place from September 23-25, 2022.

Another added benefit is the opportunity to be a part of AIS’s e-commerce platform, Qmall where pharmacies can showcase their products online to a wider audience across the island.

“We have a built in delivery system that can allow you to have prescriptions and non-prescription items delivered directly to customers thus potentially improving your profits. We currently have over 500 merchants signed on to the platform,” Said Mr. Sanumpudi.