Mobile Money

Partnership with Quisk
Quisk has appointed AIS to be its exclusive processor within the Caribbean.  

Freedom, Security and Rewards
Quisk is a free secure, virtual account utilizing a mobile phone number as an account number.

It provides the ability to:

  • Make purchases using a mobile phone number + a 4-digit PIN at participating merchants
  • Send money to your family and friends online or via text message on your mobile phone
  • Add money virtually or at any participating Quisk merchant location
  • Receive and send coupons via text message on your mobile phone

How Does it Work
Quisk operates similar to a debit account without the requirement of cash, a plastic card or even a mobile phone to make a purchase. Simply enter a mobile phone number and PIN at a participating merchant’s checkout keypad - it’s that easy!

To join, just register on this website or visit any Quisk merchant location using your current mobile phone number. As a welcoming gift, Quisk starts off our valued customers with $5 worth of free Quisk to be used at any participating Quisk merchant.

Using just your mobile phone number and PIN allows you to conveniently and quickly checkout at any Quisk enabled merchant. Instantly get free Quisk worth $5 (US) to use within Quisk’ merchant network.


Use Your Phone Number and PIN
It’s easy to make purchases with Quisk. Just enter your mobile phone number and PIN at checkout. Your Quisk account is updated immediately. The unique, secret Quisk PIN is an extra level of protection against fraud and identity theft.

For further protection, Quisk immediately sends a confirmation text message to your mobile phone each time your Quisk account has activity and informs you of every purchase and the remaining balance on your account. You should also be sure to update your PIN on the profile page of your online account to maintain proper secure processes.

Your Account is Protected
Quisk account information is stored within Quisk secure, private network - not on your mobile phone. In the unfortunate event your mobile phone is lost or stolen your funds and account information are still safe and accessible. If you get a new mobile phone number you can easily transfer the old number to the new number following Quisk secure processes.

Your account information is stored securely within Quisk private network and not on your mobile phone