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Stacey Halsall-Peart

Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Stacey Halsall-Peart has amassed over 20 years experience working at the senior management level specifically in technology. A graduate of the University of Technology, and the University of Miami with an MBA in Finance and Telecommunications, Mrs. Peart currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of AIS and oversees the day to day operations of the company with ultimate responsibility for developing the strategic vision for its continuous evolution.

Before becoming COO, Mrs. Peart served in a number of capacities at AIS including managing the technical department where she led a team of hardware and software engineers, and customer service specialists with record level customer satisfaction.

Known for her focus on personal development, and her emphasis on health and wellness, Mrs. Peart lists among her proudest achievements, the increase in community wellness and team morale through her many initiatives such as Corporate Long Distance Runs, the building of a well-equipped company Gymnasium, and the hosting of fitness seminars.