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Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two technologies that are drastically changing the approach to healthcare management and delivery.

Jan 19, 2020
Doug Halsall, Chairman and CEO, AIS

Jamaica is no stranger to electronic dispensing of prescriptions.

Jan 12, 2020
Doug Halsall, Chairman and CEO, AIS

The thought of having to go to a hospital, let alone a public one, would have many people opting to stay home as long as possible until their ailment turns into an emergency.

Dec 15, 2019

Most medical office management systems include online patient scheduling, and with the increasing number of telemedicine platforms, soon this will become a preferred choice for patients.

Dec 01, 2019

Implantable devices are not a new concept in healthcare.

Nov 11, 2019
Doug Halsall, Chairman and CEO, AIS

The world over is dealing with the issue of ageing populations where the number of persons over 55 is steadily increasing while the number of children born to families reduces.

Oct 20, 2019