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Douglas Halsall, the CEO of Advanced Integrated Systems Limited, disclosed that Supreme Ventures Limited has chosen his company as the technology partner for its mobile betting app, using

May 04, 2018

The matter of male fertility is generally taboo in the Jamaican context because we men take our sexual prowess quite seriously.

Apr 22, 2018

Integrating telemedicine into the healthcare system is not as hard as you would imagine, especially given that the systems and other tools are readily available to do so.

Apr 15, 2018

I have always been fascinated by technology, so although I started my career as an accountant, I was pulled to the technology sphere where I managed to introduce industry-changing technol

Apr 09, 2018

Advanced Integrated Systems adding business line, partnerships

But stock market listing still three years away

Mar 29, 2018

Technology provider, Advanced Integrated Systems celebrated 30 years of business on February 23.

Mar 19, 2018