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Provider Access System - PAS

Introducing the world’s first complete online, real-time health claims adjudication system!

The Provider Access System is the only system that gives healthcare providers immediate access to up to date insurance information for patients and customers.

PAS saves time and money:

  • Determines health insurance eligibility.
  • Adjudicates health insurance claims.
  • Retrieves additional patient/customer information.

PAS also facilitates timely reimbursement cheques and performs many timesaving functions.

Components work together to boost efficiency in health insurance claims:

  1. EPOS is External Point of Service application in healthcare professionals or “Providers'” offices.
    In hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories, and at medical, dental and optical Provider sites in Jamaica for users to swipe patients' electronic insurance cards and enter procedural, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and pricing information.
  2. IVR is Interactive Voice Response System for Providers when their EPOS terminal fails
  3. PHi (ProHealthi) is database with carrier's business rules, policy details and payment information. Providers' computers connect to this database when using PAS to adjudicate claims.
  4. PAS (As A Total Solution): Online, real-time, claims processing that is intuitive, and permits Carriers to easily set up plans and associated eligibility rules in an Oracle database.