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PAS-HIS (Hospital Information System)

  • PAS-HIS is a 60-module, end-to-end Hospital Information Management System which supports all major features that all medical facilities (from clinics to hospitals) require.
  • It is flexible and scalable, with each module being able to operate as a stand-alone or integrate with the other modules to form one inclusive system, depending on your needs.
  • Used by 144 hospitals in India, including single and multiple site hospitals with 50 to 3000 beds.
  • It also offers consolidation of all hospitals and clinics, and individual provider reporting.


  • Reduces medical and clinical errors.
  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved patient satisfaction.

Each module operates as a standalone or integrates with others to form one inclusive system
Offers consolidation of all hospitals and clinics, and individual provider reporting
Used by 144 hospitals in India
Used at single and multiple site hospitals from 50 to 3000 beds.

Key features:

  • Unique National Medical Record Number (or UNMR)
  • Unique consolidated or individual provider reporting
  • Complete set of modules to manage all levels of healthcare
  • Integration with diverse lab equipment and medical devices
  • Integration with AIS’ world-class health claims adjudication platform, PAS
  • Built-in document management
  • Lab Management

Pharmacy Information Management System (PIMS)

PIMS is a module within a larger product, HIMS, a multi-faceted Hospital Information Management System. PIMS controls drug administration, tracking quantities, and gives an audit trail of total indents for each drug type and issuing authority. Patient-drug usage information is automatically updated to billing department and records. PIMS is a modern, comprehensive, and flexible solution for managing pharmacy operations:

  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Purchasing and Receipt
  • Prescription Processing
  • Point of Sale Billing
  • Insurance Claims Processing

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Our Laboratory Information System tightly integrates Barcodes and RFID techniques for automated sample collection and management with minimal errors. Laboratories can process a higher level of samples per hour and reduce manpower.

Easily integrates with the other PAS-HIS modules and provides patient investigations and reporting history on specific patients at nursing stations.

Radiology Information System (RIM)

A cost effective, operational solution for hospitals, fully integrated with all other modules. Allows various aspects of radiology management, including service configurations, schedule management and test results.
Key benefits:

  • One single solution for managing entire radiology department
  • Compatibility with latest DICOM and PACS standards
  • Simplified processes to handle large volumes of patient information
  • Reduced cost of image handling and improved quality
  • Improved patient privacy
  • Unified search capability for rapid information retrieval

Document Management System (DMS)

Scans, archives, retrieves physical documents (Case Sheets, Reports, Insurance agreements etc.) and stores electronically.

  • Cleans up and eliminates extraneous elements on pages
  • Pages categorized and archived in centralized storage system
  • Audit trail keeps track of users who work on patient documents
  • Enables total transparency in operations
  • Authorized personnel can access and modify records at any time
  • Detailed system logging and auditing to ensure compliance with patient privacy standards
  • Integrated document management with high level of transparency and economy in workflow operations across the hospital
  • Modules provide clients customized Optical Character Recognition implementations and customized document management solutions for specific scenarios
  • Integrates effective version tracking and management module to access and store various document versions
  • Supports automation of various functions during OCR capture and storage process
  • Migrates existing data into DMS database, with support for legacy formats
  • Uses an advanced file format for image storage and compression (DjVu) that enhances quality and reduces storage space