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PAS-MD (Doctor's Practice Management)

The PAS-MD platform allows for the management of all aspects of a medical practitioner’s processes:

  • Accessing of a patient’s electronic docket - Using the Unique Medical Record number or the patient’s name(s) the doctor can access all medical documents for the patient.  All access is carefully monitored ensuring the integrity of the patient’s information including strict logging for any audit processes.
  • Appointment management - based on the configured schedule of the doctor, an appointment clerk or secretary can book appointments for personnel or their dependents to consult with one or more doctors on the platform.
  • Multi-practice management - This feature allows for one or more administrators to manage a clinic housing multiple practitioners - reducing costs, while increasing the operating efficiencies.  With the administration of the clinic centralized, registration, printing, scheduling can be effectively organized with limited intervention by the medical doctor.  
  • Electronic service orders - Services such as medical examinations, blood investigations, specimen testing and any service that can assist with the doctor’s diagnosis can be ordered electronically via the doctor’s interface.  This is not limited to the services offered by the JDF and can be integrated into external entity’s platform to allow for electronic lab requisitions.  This feature eliminates the generation of paper based records for doctors and administrators and ties directly into lab systems for faster turnaround times for the tests.   All tests are added to the patient electronic medical record (EMR) and is accessible via the PAS-MD platform by doctors.
  • Paper based service requisitions - PAS-MD also supports existing paper-based requisitions.  These requisitions are common across most laboratories.  By selecting the services needed the doctor can print the requisition form and hand it to the patient to access these services.
  • Cross Referral support - Using the PAS-MD platform a doctor can refer patients to any participating doctor or specialist.  This allows remote doctors to send a referral directly to any other participating doctor.
  • AIS PAS referral network  - To further increase the efficiency doctors on the platform can take advantage of the PAS network of practitioners by sending referrals to any doctor using the PAS-MD system electronically.

Feature Descriptions

Hosting of the application

  • Application is web based and will run on AIS cloud services
  • No need to worry about paper and storage. All information will be stored in the cloud and will be confidential with password access only


Unique electronic medical records

  • Each patient who is registered in the system will be assigned a unique number


Online appointment and scheduling

  • Patient will be able to reserve an appointment online


Insurance claims processing

  • All the features of PAS along with some added benefits:


Multi-card support

  • Process two cards for one transaction
  • Coordination of benefits – system allows for multiple cards to be used to cover for procedure


Card validation between multiple cards

  • Multiple cards can be used, each is individually validated for the claim amount


Insurance claims reconciliation

  • Disbursement amounts can be downloaded in excel format to allow for easier reconciliation as well as identify claims not received.



  • Front desk will have access to manage schedule of all in house doctors


Role-based permissions

  • Permission given will determine what users are able to see and do in the system


No limit to the number of computers or users

  • Use from anywhere, anytime


Electronic prescriptions

  • Will allow prescriptions to be written, signed and sent electronically to a pharmacy. (work in progress; awaiting the approval of the Pharmacy Council)


Electronic lab order requisition

  • Do a digital requisition and send electronically


Multi-browser/platform support

  • Compatible with all internet browsers; support for Windows, Linux and Mac


Patient portal for registered patients

  • Web page where patients see doctors’ availability and can reserve appointments


Help desk support

  • 24 hour help desk support


Data security/24/7/365 availability 

  • Secure infrastructure


Customised business branding

  • Each page will reflect company logo and details


Referral network

  • Access to other doctors within the network


Centralised administration/multiple facility management (for multiple branches)

  • Manage ALL locations from one login.


Flat file

  • To be able to store information locally so any loss of connectivity (internet) will not affect processing


Doctors app

  • So that software can also be managed from both smart phone and laptop. Can also facilitate video calls to patients.


Daily backups

  • All customer and encrypted financial data are backed up daily


Platform redundancy  

  • Use multiple platforms to prevent service outage


Billing module

  • PAS billing module for real time adjudication of health insurance


Drivers installation

  • No need to install drivers for swipe device


Calendar management

  • Create and manage multiple schedules


Inventory (for injectables)

  • Insurance companies will facilitate claims from doctors for injectables


Prescription notification for pharmacy

  • Send prescription directly to Pharmacies


Off-shore storage and back-up of encrypted financial information

  • All financial data is encrypted


Remote visual patient/doctor contact

  • Mobile app for patients to communicate with doctors


Express check-in at UHWI

  • System linked with UHWI so doctors will know availability of beds prior to check in


Payment Gateway Interface (Mobile Money)

  • Mobile money platform can be integrated into the software and app for easy and secure payments. This would be ideal for persons who do not have access to a credit card for online payments.